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This may scare several guys off from talking to you, but the great guys will always want to know you better. They’re unpredictable because their emotions can’t be read easily, and this makes every guy try so much harder to please you. And any guy who’s loaded with testosterone loves a girl who behaves like a graceful girly girl.

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, which just finished airing a critically acclaimed third season earlier this year.

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To follow up Paul’s article last week, I decided to rank the best comedies from the past 10 years.

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Now if you think that this idea isn’t radical or subversive, just look at all the uproar over date-rape and the sexual codes of conduct that a few enlightened universities have drawn up to deal with it. ” cry male and Female critics; a new wave of “sexual correctness,” says the cover of Newsweek.

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This story relies on police documents, Texas state records, and interviews with family and friends of Michele and Greg Williams.