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Put the following code in the After Update form of each of the subforms: Private Sub Form_After Update() Me. Recalc End Sub This will force the main form to update all calculated controls when a record in the subform is updated. On the master form I have calculated controls for Amount Due, Amount Paid, Amont Writeoff, and Balance.

Note: how did you create a continuous form with subforms? I also have a Field called "Paid in Full", and a field called Rebill Code.

The value for Amount Writeoff comes from the other subform and it too is a sum of all writeoff amounts. I've even tryed setting up temporay fields that are calculated so that the user would immediately see what "Should" be displayed, but those updates are not happening be hind the scenes. The updates are not happening until I come back to the original record a second time.. Now is there a way to force the two bound fields to be updated. So that the main form recalculates Balance, and when Balance is 0, the table is updated to reflect Paid in Full and Rebill Code = P? Together, power forms and subforms provide developers with the ability to code: When you place subforms on a power form or subform, the system treats the interactions among them as parent/child relationships, with the power form or subform as the parent and the subforms as the children of the power form and siblings to each other.This hierarchical relationship governs logical relationships. It is also represented visually in the Form Design Aid (FDA) Application Tree View as a hierarchy to help you understand the relationships.

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A subform is a control designed for use on a power form or another subform.

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