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Phurba was born in Solu Khumbu, Nepal, but has lived internationally between Nepal, Bhutan, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.With involvement through Mingma’s work in conservation and interactions with international and local leaders, Phurba grew inspired in development and non profit work."Some seniors say, 'Been there, done that.' " Some are looking instead for "somebody I really like, somebody who wants to do some fun activities." The goal for some is purely finding "someone whose company they enjoy." AARP has also done research on senior online dating. 'An avenue to meet people'Arnette Bell, 62, says she logged onto with an open mind.She saw it as "just an avenue to meet people and go from there." Drew Bartley, 57, visited the site thinking "it would just be fun to meet someone and have a cup of coffee." The experience surpassed expectations for them both. Six years later, Bell, a retired school principal, and Bartley, a semi-retired painting contractor, are still living happily together in Victoria, a Twin Cities exurb. "She was the one." Bell adds: "It worked." The research supports what is true for me. – AJ Mc Carron won a second BCS National Championship on Monday, but it was his girlfriend who won the Internet.Katherine Webb, who has been dating the Alabama quarterback for about a MIAMI GARDENS, Fla."It's been crazy."MORE: NFL player's embarrassing tweet to Miss Alabama BACKGROUND: Mc Carron, Miss Alabama dating Among the more bizarre turns of her moment-by-moment increase in popularity was Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett posting his number and inviting her to a strip club.He later deleted the tweet and said he meant to send Webb a direct message.

"I do think the character has life in him, whether it's a movie or if he intersects with this new iteration of "I don't know how public this is but we didn't question or consider this being Jack's last moment, Jack's end.Phurba currently serves on the board of directors of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada.Phurba travels regularly to project sites in Nepal to personally oversee the completion and success of the Greater Himalayas Foundation projects.BOSTON — As Internet dating sites for seniors become an increasingly hot topic among people approaching age 60 and older, the buzz is attracting attention in other circles, too. Yet in a year when the oldest members of the huge baby-boom generation turn 65, the bulk of research on online dating is focused on experiences of younger adults, a pair of Ohio researchers say. Rather than describing physical attributes, some older women portrayed themselves in new and thoughtful ways."There's a scarcity of research on dating in later life," say Wendy Watson and Charlie Stelle, Using earlier research on younger people who frequent Internet dating sites, Watson and Stelle identified values and characteristics those individuals revealed. One woman described herself as "a young spirit," Watson said. The researchers started with a coding system identifying three personal values (active lifestyle, culture and family) that younger people typically address on online-dating sites.

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