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Microsoft’s Windows has come a long way, and with the latest Windows 10 it brings a lot of new changes and upgrades that combines both of the best features of Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.

Before you go on to the 9 ways to get Windows 10 for free, you should get to know what Windows 10 really brings so that you can understand all the new and latest features (and there is quite a lot).

For purposes of this discussion, a clean install--or what Microsoft calls a custom install--is when you boot your PC with Windows 7 Setup media (typically a Setup DVD, but with this version it could also be a specially created, bootable USB memory device containing the Setup bits) with the intention of installing just Windows 7 on the PC.

There could be a previous version of Windows (XP or Vista) installed on the PC already.

It did so primarily for people with Windows 7/8.x-based PCs, so that they could successfully activate on upgrades, or on later clean installs after an upgrade. last week, I expected this capability to end with the release of the Anniversary Update. Or after Windows 1607 was installed and fully updated. I used previously unused product keys to test this.

But the process works fine for any Windows 7/8.x product keys, including unused retail keys. “Allowing this now makes no sense since the free upgrade period has ended,” I wrote. That said, I do expect Microsoft to take away this capability eventually.

It was the final unanswered question about Windows 7.

I have a license from the previous computer for Pro.For some people, it just works, and I'll provide information here so you can help ensure it just works for you, every time.First up, let's define what it is I'm describing.And besides there is always that fun of exploration.You can follow the Reddit guys here at Is the Windows 10 upgrade really free for pirated users?

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