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He’s the accomplished actor best known for locking horns with Daniel Day-Lewis in Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece, “There Will Be Blood.” She’s the acclaimed playwright who’s earned raves for her acting both onstage (“Angels in America”) and onscreen (“The Exploding Girl”). The new romantic comedy, “Ruby Sparks,” marks the latest collaboration of real-life couple Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan, who first met after being cast in Jonathan Marc Sherman’s 2007 Off-Broadway play, “Things We Want.” Last year, Dano and Kazan played an anguished married couple in Kelly Reichardt’s existential western “Meek’s Cutoff.” Yet “Sparks” features the couple’s most intimate and complex collaboration to date.Kazan performs double duty as leading lady and first-time screenwriter, while Dano tackles the tricky role of a lonely writer whose lovable neurosis harbors a potentially repellant dark side. Instead of Matthew Mc Conaughey and Kate Hudson, it’s Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan.Instead of following all the kooky shenanigans of a magical premise, it really explores the dark side of fantasy relationships.However, when he finds said character in the flesh – sitting on his couch – he is completely flabbergasted. But if I was going to write someone with qualities I admire, I would write someone a lot like Paul, who I am with now.” In fact, Kazan has been dating Dano for about 5 years, enough time to realize that the things that draw her to him creatively are the same things that draw her to him personally and romantically.“I just want to make it totally clear that I do not think that Ruby is the perfect girl,” noted Kazan, who not only wrote “Ruby Sparks'” screenplay but also stars as the title character. She appreciates his ability to say so much without using a single word, his tendency to make her laugh and – above all – his curiosity when it comes to life which, in turn, opens her eyes to the wonders of this world.Then, one day, Calvin awakens to discover Ruby (Kazan) in his apartment. She’s written plays and it’s not like I always see what she’s writing, but because she was writing this one with us in mind, I would come home at night and she would have new pages and I’d read them.

Finally, he makes a breakthrough and creates a character who inspires him.

I watch movies where people are together and so often I feel like that means chemistry because you don’t have that tension and longing. We didn’t kiss for like the first two weeks of filming to try to bring up that feeling of newness because we’ve been together for so long that the butterfly stage is long gone. We brought it to them with the condition that we were going to act in it and the condition that it couldn’t be rewritten.

[Everyone laughs] Kazan: No, the truth is we took an executive producer credit on this film.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that we’re here putting it out into the world now. They said yes which I still can’t believe sometimes that we got to go make the version of the film that we wanted to make. To set her free, he has to make her not love him essentially.

Is a little bit more personal to you than other films? The best thing I can say like an analogy would be, sometimes to get sober you have to have a really bad night.

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