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So, of the 4% of the population with ASPD, a fraction of those actually are true psychopaths.

So, how can you tell if a woman (or man) in your life could have Anti Social Personality Disorder?

Although the term Anti Social Personality Disorder has replaced the term Pschopathy in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic Manual, psychopathy is generally considered a subset of ASPD.

(ASPD) Obviously women with Anti Social Personality Disorder pose as much of a potential threat when encountered in an intimate relationship as men, regardless if the relationship is female to male or female to female.

From anonymous question answers from the company website and can be disabled if wish.

Like anyone else, I guess, all my life I’ve thought that I’m normal and that most people are just like me, except for a few oddballs and nasty people.

All along I’ve lived with what I thought was just one of the negatives of human existence.

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but i like more reserved, anti-social, quiet girls. I'm very antisocial, but I had this guy ask me out in one of my classes once.

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