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The printed instructions are well done, and if you follow the steps carefully, it'll take about five minutes or less to be viewing the video feed on your home PC's web browser.(An additional 3-5 minutes will be required if you are offered a choice to install the firmware update and decide to update it now – it can be put off until later.)Why not a score of 9?If you’ve ever lived in an environment where you weren’t completely sure who has access to your computer – such as a dorm, for example – you may have wondered how you can use your webcam to keep tabs on your computer while you’re away.i Spy is an in-depth program that can do just that.(A 10 is impossible unless you have a genius dog I can borrow.) Well, after the firmware update, I did restart my browser as requested by the update software, but after 3 or so minutes of waiting, the camera's front light stayed red and wouldn't go green.

Step 4: The webcam package includes a CD containing important software. The set-up program should run automatically, but if it doesn’t, click Start and then My Computer.Once you have installed i Spy and launched it you’ll be greeted with the main window, which is nothing more than a large black space with some menu options at the top.i Spy is able to record multiple video streams at once, so this launch area is meant to provide the space needed to keep tabs on a large number of cameras.If you run Windows 8 and need a little help, our community can answer your questions.Step 1: Buy your webcam from a reputable supplier, either online or a local computer shop.

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I'm a big fan of Wi Fi security cameras, and I recently got a chance to test out the new Smart Cam from Samsung.

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