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According to a new report, Reggie Bush isn’t the only famous man who wants nothing to do with her, after dumping her again recently, for the umpteenth time, apparently other athletes/singers/rappers/actors are also shying away! According to the friend, guys no longer want anything to do with Kimmie Kakes due to their fear of getting “Humphried.” Yes that is now a verb.If you’ve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s drama, you know she and her pimpmomager Kris Jenner are hell-bent on finding her another famous dummy to trick into marrying her! “The Kris situation was so ugly – guys are now worried they’ll get Humphried! In fact, sources say that Kim was indeed trying to get hooked up with NBA star Jeremy Lin, but he and his people quickly put the kibosh on that plan! On top of being dateless, Kim’s family is STILL upset with her for bringing them down with the divorce backlash, and her relationship with her sisters remains strained. PHOTOS – KIM KARDASHIAN HAS DINNER WITH NENE LEAKES!Mb S, as a private adviser, ran the royal court with a decisive hand after his father was named Crown Prince in 2012.Every step of the way, Prince Mohammed has been with his father , who took his favoured son with him as he rose in the hierarchy of the House of Saud.Life & Style reports that after divorcing Kris Humphries, and getting her heart-broken again by Reggie, Kim now fears she’ll be single forever. “Her family is concerned they’re going to sink along with Kim,” admits an insider. However, the latest issue of Star magazine is reporting that Kim, 31, is not giving up on love just yet.So where does a famewhore reality star go to find love after being deemed undateable in her own country? Yes, in a story that doesn’t at all seem planted by pimpmomager Kris to deflect from Kim being dumped by Reggie, Star is reporting that following her latest humiliation at the hands of Reggie, who was pictured with a new girl just two weeks ago, Kim is now trying to move on with a Saudi Arabian prince, who also happens to be a billionaire.

He was accused by Saudi Arabia of inciting violence and leading anti-government protests in the country.Tinder introduced swiping to the dating app world and online dating has never been the same.Now, the company is striving to evolve beyond its image as a hookup app and deliver more value to its customers through its premium services and new features.IBTimes UK explains the long and bitter relationship that has existed between these two Middle East nations Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have long been strained, the two nations locked in a Middle East cold war for over 30 years.Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Islamic kingdom with close ties to the West.

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