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A group that I am involved with is known as Unified We Serve and it is a volunteer group that helps out the community around us by doing special events that change lives. People draw all over the ground letting everyone know that there is a game coming up.

It really helps people really care for others that are less fortunate or have disabilities and let them know that someone out there cares. Most of the major events are popular and people really get it out there so people can attend.

As of Fall 2014, the school had 2,096 faculty, of which between 745 and 784 (or about 40%) were on the tenure track.

In July 1958, the campus separated from Los Angeles State College and was renamed San Fernando Valley State College (popularly abbreviated to Valley State College, Valley State, or SFVSC), with enrollment reaching 2,525 and tuition per semester.

Applicants must meet all requirements in order to be eligible. If only one semester of a combined course is taken it will count as only Physiology. Exercise Physiology is NOT accepted as a substitute.

If Anatomy and Physiology are combined, the course must be 2 semesters (8 semester units or 10 quarter units).

I met my closest friends through a group I am a part of and also through classes.

If I am awake on a Tuesday, I am either watching a movie or checking my Facebook.

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Abnormal Psychology or Psychopathology is highly recommended.

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